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Monday, December 11, 2006

I got a Golden Coffee Cup after all!

I was feeling a little depressed after not meeting my November writing goals.

Sure, I "won" NANOWRIMO - but only because I had 72K words going into it. So that's not exactly a victory. But still, yea for me!

Much more pressing were the goals I set for Molly Blaisdell's Golden Coffee Cup Award - her answer to the insanity of National Novel Writing Month that has won the hearts of an increasingly loyal band of underground cult followers. The idea was to set a goal, any goal, for November, and in hitting in, one would win the coveted Golden Coffee Cup.

Mine were to write 100 words/day and to finish my current draft of Brimstone Soup.

Alas, I failed, unless you count email and notes, and I was feeling pretty dejected about it. Granted, it was a lofty goal for only one writing day per week. But I have been at this so long! The story is so vivid in my mind! The characters surprise me with new insights every day! Still, I didn't finish. I'm still writing notes on 3x5 cards, receipts, napkins, diapers...anything within reach when the lightening bolt strikes. I have not yet moved on to the next draft, even though I'm dying to put this one to rest. But you can't really say "The End" until you've actually gotten to it, right? So no GCC for me.

Well, I guess I was wrong. Molly came to my house for cookies yesterday. Maybe it was the excessive and giddy combination of gluten, butter, and sugar. Maybe it was the pursuasiveness of a cup of cranberry cider. Maybe she just felt sorry for me. Or maybe she thought my progress - not lofty, but still measurable - deserved a Golden Coffee Cup after all.

So today in my inbox, I found this:

Thanks, Molly! Who knew a little thing like a picture of a coffee cup could be such a shot in the arm.


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