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Monday, October 16, 2006

I never promised you a sock blog

Well, yes I did. But you have to wait, because first comes...

...Sassy is as Sassy Does, brought to you by legendary editor, speaker, and writer, Patricia Lee Gauch, who spoke at the SCBWI WWA kickoff meeting the first Wednesday in October.

And let me tell you, that woman has a corner on some serious sass herself. I'll just say that I was glad I was wearing my sassy socks that night, just hoping some of that sass would rub off on me.

Premise: every beloved children's book - the ones that last - has a sassy character at the heart. Ramona. Alice. Charlotte. Olivia. Melinda. Stargirl. Characters that need no introduction other than their names, which evoke in a millisecond their particular brand of sass, sass that lasts.

Sass, apparently, comes in several varieties. The prim sass of Alice in Wonderland. Breathless fascination sass of Stargirl. Ironic sass of Melinda, who skewers her narrative with humor and insight.

So now I'm thinking about ways to make Rand even more sassy... Hmmm.... The wheels are churning.

Ms. Gauch's ultimate conclusion, in thinking about what makes sass sassy, was that the author herself needs a measure of sass.

Score one for the socks!

Ok, ok, so you're wondering where I got those rockin' and now legendary over-the-knee socks? You can get your own at Sock Dreams, the best socks in the known universe (seriously).

Here is a pic of me wearing said socks:


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