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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Write through the bad stuff

Are you people tired of me whining about writing yet??

I admit it, I can be a bit of a whiner. Even though I hate whining (something about projection...). So anyways, it's something I work on. And I take inspiration from my more action-oriented friends and fellow writers, who always have helpful, action-oriented advice for people like me, who get paralyzed by the pursuit of perfection. (Take deep breath...remind self it's an SFD...butt in chair...).

The latest piece of advice, which I am actively endeavoring to follow, comes from Randy Powell via my friend, Kirby Larson, whose awesome historical novel, Hattie Big Sky, is just about to hit the shelves (go to her book launch, October 29th at All For Kids! Buy her book!), and that piece of advice is...write through the bad stuff.

So, Kirby and Randy, let me get this straight. I'm supposed to put my bum in chair and write, even if it completely sucks?

Yes, they say. Something about this rings a bell, like that radical idea I read when I did the Artist's Way a bunch of years ago. I'll worry about the Quantity...you worry about the Quality. Which still sticks with me, even though I have a notorious memory and pretty much forget everything I haven't typed into Outlook.

What if it doesn't get any better? (whine, whine). Write through the bad stuff. What if I find I don't have anything to say? Just shut up, you big weenie, and write through the bad stuff.

The thing that gives me hope is the preposition. Through. Like, there's something better on the other side, you just have to get through the present. Like with Anne Lamott's SFD and the adjective. First. As in, there can be a second. And a third. Or more. This is just a jumping-off point.

Time is limited, even with more babysitting dough. The SCBWI Midwinter conference in NYC is right around the corner (and I get to go!!! My first time!). My very action-oriented goal is to have a Product when I board that fateful plane. No pressure or anything.

I'm glad I have people like Kirby and Randy to remind me that a product is even possible. Come to think of it, there are a lot of Kirby's and Randy's in my life, and all of them are saying the same thing: you can do it. Just keep going. With enough voices encouraging me, the scales are tipping. My own - the Yura-Poser voice - can't help but be outweighed.

So I guess what I'm really saying is, thanks, guys. It would be a lot harder to keep going without you.


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