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Friday, September 15, 2006

Dear Brimstone Soup:

I have forsaken you for another lover.

Several lovers, in fact.

The first of whom was a sultry, extremely seductive fellow named Vacation. Vacation stole my heart for a couple of weeks, until I had to bid him goodbye. Our love simply couldn't last beyond my flight home. Long distance is just not Vacation's thing. Yet he lingers in my mind every time I try to get back to you.

The next lover (the one whose flirtation I can always count on) is Procrastination. He woos me like no other: with fascinating internet tidbits, shopping, graphic design work, cheesecake, FarScape reruns, the latest from other YA authors, dates with my husband and/or daughter, research, going to bed on time... He teams up with his equally sexy twin, Yura-Poser, who together keep urging me to dump you for good and skip off with them into the sunset. In my heart of hearts, I know there's a cliff on the way to the sunset, which keeps me from gleefully throwing myself into their waiting arms. Clandestine kisses now and then will have to do.

The latest lover is perhaps the most insidious, since dating him is like dating you, in that he - Untitled Short Story - is legitimate writing, has a market, and may even pay his own way someday (right now I spring for all the dates, ahem). He's funny where you are dark, charming where you are totally depressing. We really need to talk about this, Brimstone. I mean, you may not have chicken soup in your soul, but could we at least work on your sense of humor?

I know you bought me a promise ring, and that's encouraging. I feel committed to you, baby. We don't have a sunset, but we've got each other. We've got a grant now (WAHOO!!!), which will pay for a few more dates and give us some confidence. So make me laugh, honey. Give me some hope.

Let's make beautiful chapters together.



  1. Congratulations on the grant! You couldn't ask to have a better set of judges acknowledge your manuscript.


    - Jay

  2. Oh my gosh, no kidding. I am blown away. Now that I've stopped hyperventilating, I'm writing everyone to thank them.