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Friday, May 12, 2006

Welcome to Brimstone Soup

It's about time I started this. Alas, for the last year I've been blogging my daughter's life instead of mine. Late Lucy, yup, that's me. But there is value, I think, in sitting back, taking in all of the information, and giving it some thorough rumination. That's what it takes to write a novel. Or at least that's what it takes for me. Thinking, writing, scrapping, more thinking, walking, changing a few diapers, thinking while showering, getting to know the baby (live baby and novel baby), tearing oneself up oneside and down the other, getting a reality check from the critique group, deciding maybe whatever I wrote isn't so bad, more thinking, more writing, etc. And don't forget sleeping. Having a baby means being perpetually sleep deprived, and sleep is essential to the creative process.

So more to the point, I'm blogging about my novel-writing process. This is the secret YA novel, the one I wouldn't even talk about for months for fear of jinxing it. So don't ask, because I'm not going to tell you what it's about unless you're in my writing group. Time is precious and limited - I get one day a week to work on it, when my friend comes to watch my 1 year old daughter (who is more the Olivia type than the perfect-TV-baby type and requires a lot of attention the rest of the week). So it's slow-going. Lots of stuff is going into it, so "Soup" is an appropriate title. Definitely not chicken soup. And interest is brewing in different corners.


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