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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TELL ME A SECRET Virtual Birthday Party!!!!

Hi, all! Welcome to the book birthday party for TELL ME A SECRET!

We have party music, snacks and drinks (from Café Shiraz, of course), quizzes, secrets, and prizes, prizes, prizes! Behind every link is a secret.... (Comment, tweet, and follow for chances to win! Details below.) And check out the amazing party crowd!

See how excited I am to party and give away swag??

First, we've got to create the mood...

What to wear?
When they go out, Miranda's mysterious new friend Delaney wants to wear a safety-pin dress Miranda's sister "painstakingly assembled like rock-star chain mail." What do you wear when you go out?
Take the official TMAS quiz to find out what your clothes say about you (and a little about each of the characters). Then come back and tell us who you are!
And if you haven't seen it already, see what the characters wear on tour - including a special appearance by Ariel:

Café Shiraz is now open for business!
On their first date, Kamran (also known as the superhot sci-fi guy), takes Miranda to his parents' Mediterranean restaurant, Café Shiraz - specialties include kebabs, pomegranate drinks, and his mom's famous stuffed figs!

Party chatter: secrets, secrets, and more secrets!

It wouldn't be a TELL ME A SECRET party without spilling a few secrets...
In fact, awesome YA authors have been posting secrets in honor of TMAS all month at Little Willow's Bildungsroman! Stop by to see secrets from Ellen Hopkins, the readergirlz divas, Deb Caletti, Sara Zarr, Lauren Oliver, Courtney Scheinmel and more!
Are you a secret-spiller, like Essence, or do you hold them close to your chest, like Delaney? Do you have a secret that will rock your world, like Miranda? Comment below to tell us one of your secrets...which brings me to...

How to win a signed TELL ME A SECRET and swag!
We have lots of goodies to give away today, including a signed first edition of TELL ME A SECRET! Plus a really gorgeous necklace handmade for just this occasion by Georgia Cranston, a.k.a. Gypsy Wings. Look how pretty!

So there are several ways to get your name in the sorting hat*:
  • Leave a comment - tell us a secret! (rated PG, since this is an all-ages party) +2
  • Tweet and/or blog about the party, and include #tellmeasecret and @hollycupala! +2 each
  • Tweet a secret! #tellmeasecret @hollycupala +2 each
  • Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger (points for each) +2 each
  • Make the TELL ME A SECRET cover your profile pic for any of the above +3 each
  • Even better: post a pic of yourself holding the book! +4
  • Tell me in a comment below with links so I can calculate your points!
(*Open to residents of the U.S. and Canada - see tour details for international opportunities!)

Tell Me a Secret - Worldwide Blog Tour
Today's official blog tour stop is at the Teens Read Too Book Club, where we're talking about characters, stars, and six-word memoirs. Don't forget to leave a comment here and at the tour stop for more chances to *win TELL ME A SECRET and secret swag! (open to residents of US and Canada only except on designated tour dates.)
Tomorrow we'll be at The Blog Realm, plus a live chat at INKPOP, 2pm PST/5pm EST!


  1. Happy book birthday to you,
    happy book birthday to you,
    happy book birthday, dear Holly,
    happy book birthday to you!!!

    Hope you have a fabulous, wonderful day!

    Best wishes,

  2. I am so excited for you. WOW, Poor Ariel LOL

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Here's my secret: I have been reading your blog since the title of the book was Brimstone Soup and it wasn't sold or anything!

    And now look at your beautiful baby!



  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so incredibly thrilled for you, Holly! I can't wait to read TMAS...you've been an incredible friend while our books were in development, and I wish you the absolute best with your first book "baby." Cheers--H2k10, woo-hoo!

  5. Warmest congratulations, Holly - the book is amazing - I'm so proud of you!

  6. I took your quiz and got Xanda, BTW! Happy Book Day!!!!! Love you!!!

  7. Yay!!! happy book Birthday, I looooved Tell Me a Secret!

    +2 Let's see a secret.. hmmm..I guess my secret would be that I buy lots of chocolate and hide it in the cabinets so my kids won't see it and eat it. Bad bad!!

    +2 blog follower
    +2 twitter follower (@cynthial11)


  8. Happy Book Birthday!
    My secret is that I should be working right now but instead I am reading book blogs ;)

    I tweeted about the blog party

    I tweeted my secret

    I follow on facebook, twitter and blogger

  9. Happy birthday, TMAS! Take the world by storm!

    Congratulations, Holly. I'm proud of you and I'm happy for you.

    Kudos Georgia/Gypsy Wings!

  10. Happy Book Birthday!!! Congrats :-D

    My secret is that I frequently forget to look under the carts at the grocery store I work at... a few people have made off with free water or soda :-x.

    I tweeted about the contest: http://twitter.com/TheBookGirl426

    Can I tweet the same secret that was here? I really don't have too many since I can't keep a secret to save my life :-p.

    I follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.

    Tell Me A Secret is my blogger photo.

    The picture of me holding the excerpt you sent is my Facebook picture. (I'd take a picture with my ARC but my camera died. Totally the last time I let my sister use my camera.)

  11. Welcome, welcome! I'm so excited to see all of you! Sarah Beth, Shelley, Liz, Holly, Janet, Cynthia, Erika, Little Willow, Book Girl!

    Everyone in my house is still asleep, but I'm up celebrating with a Pomme-tini, lol.

    Hope you have fun today, and isn't that necklace Georgia made amazing? (I asked her to make two so I could have one to remember :)

  12. Happy birthday, Happy Holly from me and all your friends and YA Fresh!

  13. This is the day,
    Hurrah, Hurray!
    Xanda and Kamran
    Come out to play!

    (love you!)

  14. I cannot wait to read this book!
    My secret is...I'm supposed to be doing my summer reading assignment, but I'd rather go online instead. ;)

    Happy book birthday!

  15. Thank you for stopping by, Tina, Annie, and Kayla!

    Sarah Beth, thank you! I remember when it was your debut book birthday...amazing to be here now.

    Liz, LOL - yes, poor Ariel. I have fatally misrepresented her!

    Shelley, it's amazing you've been around since Brimstone Soup, and yes, I remember you leaving comments back then! Thanks so much for being here to celebrate the birthday. xo

    Holly - *clinking celebration glass with fellow 2K10 Holly*

    Janet, thank you!

    Cinde, why does that not surprise me? Lol

    Cynthia...I think I might share that secret...shhh.

    Erika Lynn, that is the best kind of secret! I won't tell.

    Little Willow, thank you! You have been such an amazing support and friend.

    Book Girl, that's hilarious! I won't tell. ;)

    Tina, thanks again for having me to YA Fresh!

    Annie, best writing friend, xoxo

    Kayla, I'd gladly step in to be your summer reading assignment! ;)

    You all are the best.

  16. Happy Birthday and congratulations! It's been exciting to watch this all come together.

  17. I love your Ariel impression! Happy Book Birthday Holly, we (the Sticky's & Bunz) are all so excited for you! It is so heart warming to be a part of your journey to this great and exciting day. Lots of love!

    Heather S

  18. Wa hooo!!! Partay! ;)

    I've been anxiously running to the mailbox EVERY DAY after work, but still no TMAS. *sigh* So sad. At least I have this party to take my mind off it... oh. Wait. Maybe not. ;)

  19. I tweeted about the party & a secret!

    I follow you on Twitter (katrinas4994)

    Now for a secret... I cry when I see commercials about hurt animals.

  20. Happy Book Birthday!
    I follow you on facebook +2
    I follow you on twitter +2
    I follow you on blogger +2
    I put your link on the sidebar of my blog.
    I'm leaving a comment and a secret. +2
    My secret is that I replaced most of my brother's halloween candy for all of the good stuff when were younger. (:D) I know I'm mean.
    I tweeted about the contest and I tweeted a secret. +4
    I blogged about the party. +2
    I changed my profile picture on Twitter to your book. +2
    And I would totally take a picture with your book, but I don't own your book. *sniff,sniff*
    Which is why I will hopefully win. Because I would love love love love love to read Tell Me A Secret.
    Total= 16 points :D


    +2 My Secret- This is the only one that I can think of that is PG. :) I come to your blog every stinkin' day! I literally came to you blgo every day for a year until I finally followed it! I don't know what was wrong. I was just to lazy to push a couple buttons I guess. I don't know!

    +2 I totally tweeted about your party! Duhh! Who wouldn't!

    +6 I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog!

    +4 I posted a picture on twitter of me with my preview! I linked you to it, if you don't get it, here is the link. http://twitpic.com/1z1753

    +3 TMAS bookcover is now my twitter default :)

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/JordannnBrooks
    Faebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/profile.php?id=1004868789

    A total of 17. If you couldn't tell, I want this BAD! Again, congratulations! I'm super excited for you!

    P.S. I also made my Twitter background the TMAS cover!!!

  22. Happy happy happy birthday!!!!!

    my secret... I have a habit of stealing my locker buddies locker magnets :P but I gave them all back on the last day of school!
    Tweet:http://twitter.com/wefreadom/status/16783914978 +2
    Blog:http://freadomfans.blogspot.com/p/contests-and-giveaways.html +2
    tweeted a secret: http://twitter.com/wefreadom/status/16784124223 +2
    i follow you on twitter +2
    I follow you on blogger +2
    I follow you on facebook +2

    -Angela Z

  23. Happy Book Birthday!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on this book.

    +2 comment on a secret- I don't have many. But I let my daughter have candy and a portable DVD player so she will go in another room and play and I can have me time lol. :)

    +2 tweeted about contest- http://twitter.com/TotalBookaholic/statuses/16782437666

    +2 blogged about contest- http://totalbookaholic.blogspot.com/2010/06/eclipse-contest-update-new-prize-added.html (the bottom of this post)

    +2 follow on twitter @TotalBookaholic

    +2 tweeted a secret- http://twitter.com/TotalBookaholic/statuses/16783215676

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  24. Happy Birthday, Holly. Can hardly wait for your book to come out. Readers are going to love, love, love it.

  25. Oh yeah, I follow you on blogger too..duh lol.
    +2 for that! sorry :)

  26. I tweeted, and follow you :)+4

    btw- I'm TBRBookReview :D

  27. Happy launch day, sweet Holly! I'm so happy for you and this wonderful blessing.

    Like Enna I keep running to the mailbox, too, but it hasn't arrived. Waiting....

  28. Happy Book Birthday hunny!!!!!
    I took the quiz...Miranda's caught between being a good girl and the bad-girl memories of her sister, Xanda, and a secret will blow her world apart. If you’re Miranda, you’ll find strength you didn't know you had. Your clothes will reflect your changes, inside and out.

    •Leave a comment - tell us a secret! (rated PG, since this is an all-ages party) +2
    My secret is...I once kissed my best friends boyfriend at a party, and I didn't even realize it was her boyfriend....

    •Tweet and/or blog about the party, and include #tellmeasecret and @hollycupala! +2 each

    •Tweet a secret! #tellmeasecret @hollycupala +2 each

    •Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger (points for each) +2 each
    I follow you on all three @readingangel002 - Angela Hedrick-Messer

    •Even better: post a pic of yourself holding the book! +4

  29. Here's the right link for my twitter secret. http://twitter.com/readingangel002/status/16785494621

  30. Hi, everybody - had to run the little one to last day of school *sniff*

    OH, and stalk the book! First bookstore sighting! I'm sure I was a complete dork. :)

  31. Michèle, thanks for all of your kind words and excitement through this!

    Heather S, love you and the sticky girls!

    Enna, I can't wait to hear what you think...on pins and needles...

    Katie, I do, too! Thank you for stopping by!

    Cassidy, you are awesome! I'm glad you came to the party!

    Jordan, big *hug*

    Angela, you must need more magnets - I have some handmade Tell Me a Secret ones!

    Jessica, LOL, thanks for coming clean on the candy and DVD...might have to try that...

    Judy! My writing buddy! Thank you for coming!

    Ria, welcome to the party!

    Lorie Ann, fellow readergirlz diva of awesomeness, thank you for stopping by the party and all of your kindnesses! *big hug*

    Angel, I came out Miranda, too (big surprise, right? ;) I had 2 Miranda, 2 Xanda with a splash of Delaney. Thanks for tweeting and partying with us!

  32. Happy Book Birthday, dear dear Holly!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!! Hurray!

    And great recipes and music!

    My secret? I still watch cartoons...

    I posted about your book bday over here: http://realmlovejoy.blogspot.com/2010/06/news-week-062210.html

    Cheers and congrats!


  33. Who doesn't like a birthday party, especially a Book Birthday Party. Congrats, Holly for TMAS. It's exciting to see this celebration. I can hardly wait to read it!

  34. Hooray!!! Happy Book Birthday :)

    I am so excited for you, I bet you are over the moon today, I know I would be!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that the mailman delivers me a lovely treat today in the form of TMAS!


  35. Hooray for our Holly!! So thrilled for you! Thanks for taking care of my "baby" last week. You're the best!

  36. Happy Book Birthday Hooly! I'm soooo psyched to read Tell Me A Secret! :)

    +2: Secret- I havent brushed my hair today.
    +2: Tweeted about Tell Me A Secret linking to proper place- http://twitter.com/Danidlion/status/16789650200
    +2: Told a secret on Twitter- http://twitter.com/Danidlion/status/16789665364
    +2: Follow on Twitter- @Danidlion
    +3: Made Twitter icon cover of Tell Me A Secret- http://twitter.com/Danidlion
    TOTAL= 11

    Congrats again!

  37. *I mean Holly!

    Sooooooooooo sorry I'm terrible at mispelling when I'm typing fast:p

  38. It's me .....again. lol.

    +4 posted picture of TMAS: (youknowwhere) :)

    Thanks Holly!!

  39. Hi, everyone, and welcome to the party! I hope you're having fun - did you take the FB quiz? I made that! So I am officially a developer now (um, not sure that's terribly accurate, but I'll go with it!).

    Realm, I watch cartoons, too! But I'd say both of us have excellent reasons for doing so. I dig Word Girl, esp Lady Redundant Woman. And I CAN'T WAIT for everyone to see your amazing artwork tomorrow on the blog tour!

    Debbie, welcome to the party! And I hope you enjoy the book!

    Melissa, yay! Thanks for stopping by!

    Georgia, you are such an amazing talent! I'm so thrilled with the necklace...someone out there is going to love it!

    Katherine, my writing buddy! Love you!

    Jay - so wait, could you pleeeaaase tell me about the paper clips?!?

    Dani, I love that you haven't brushed your hair today. Sorry, but that's too charming to be a secret. Welcome to the party! ;)

  40. Jessica, LOL, thanks for the math challenge!

  41. My secret? I say I need to sit in the front seat of a car because my legs cramp and I get carsick in the back, but I really just like being in front. +2
    Tweeted! (http://twitter.com/Travis_Pearson/status/16787483736) +2
    Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger +6
    Pic of me holding it. +4

    Total entries = 14

  42. Happy book birthday!!

    My secret is a geeky one... I actually can't wait to do my next assignment for school because it's a fairytale analysis, and I just think it will be a blast to read all kinds of different versions of Beauty & the Beast.

    Comment secret +2
    Tweet -- https://twitter.com/asherz86/statuses/16792580265 +2
    Tweet a secret -- https://twitter.com/asherz86/statuses/16792615822 +2
    Follow on twitter & blogger +4
    TOTAL = 10

  43. Travis, ha! That's a funny secret. I'll let you ride in the front. ;)

    Ashley, welcome to the party! That sounds like a really cool assignment to me.

  44. I'm partaking in the Tell Me A Secret fun on Twitter!
    Congrats on your book birthday. I can not wait to read TMAS for myself. :)

    --Courtney Rae--

  45. I'm Miranda! Was hoping to be Xanda to nab that saftey pin dress..

  46. Thank you, Kim!! And thanks for being a fellow book-stalk...er, book-finder! ;)

    Welcome to the party, Courtney, and for all of the awesome tweets!

    Iffath, ha, I love that safety pin dress! I'm trying to figure out how to make one. Now THAT would be a DIY Friday...

  47. Happy Book Birthday!!!
    I think I'll have to wait for the weekend to get to the bookstore. I'm so excited! :)

  48. Happy Book Birthday! Love seeing Tell Me a Secret on the bookshelves--classes up the joint, just like you!

    Tweeting, facebooking, merchandising, etc. just for you! It's your day!

    And you gave us all a present. Guess that's the kind of gal you are.

  49. Thanks Ezmirelda and Kari, for joining the party! I love to give presents...

    Kari, it's the coolest thing ever to see the real, live ebook. Wow!

  50. Happy Birthday! I'm a follower here & on Facebook. I posted a comment on Facebook this morning to support you. Sorry I don't have the link.

    I'm off to your other blog tour visit.

  51. Just finally turned on my party music - forgot how much I love Splashdown's 50 Percent!

    Natalie, you are the best! Thanks so much for all of your support through this. When do I get to meet you in person? Going to ALA?

  52. Holly, I read your awesome interview. So sorry that your daughter died at birth. I almost quit writing when my sister died after a long battle with breast cancer and then my husband fell while we were on vacation & was in a wheelchair for months. And like you, I've been to India. My husband is not Indian (he's from Texas), but we met at an ashram close to Bombay and went to Bombay twice. I love chai. I can't believe the similarities in our lives.

  53. Thank you, Natalie - I hope her little life will bring some healing and hope into the world. You are so kind! I'm sorry you've had such a hard thing in your life. *hug*

  54. A secret for a secret, let me see.... I'm currently writing my own novel and while most of the time I think what I have written is rubbish there are moments that when I know all the work has been worth it.

    Oh and I have blogged about the party at http://mistysmess.blogspot.com/

  55. Oh and of cause I follow your blog, you are a readergirlz diva!

  56. Yay!!!

    Here's my secret - I don't like Vampire Diaries (*gasp*) +2
    Tweet +2 http://twitter.com/lchardesty/status/16809804545
    # Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger (points for each) +2 each - All three! +6

    Huge congrats, Holly!

  57. Thanks for dropping by, Misty and Larissa! Great secrets, too! Misty, I can completely relate, and Larissa - I'm not sure, as I haven't read them (though perhaps a good secret from me: I'm not really a vampire girl...though I would definitely read ones recommended by friends!)

  58. Happy BOok Birthday!!!!!

    +2 retweeted contest (JenHow)
    +2 twitter follower
    +2 fb fan page follower
    +2 blog follower
    +2 Secret is that I'm a closet Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I have all the season DVD's. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!


  59. Happy, happy day and here's to many more to come!

  60. Secret: I think I have a crush on a friend, but I'm not spilling my beans just yet ;)

    "Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger (points for each)"--I did all three :D. twitter: @ylin0621

  61. A secret, eh? I guess I would say that I'm in love with an older lady :D

    +2 tweeted party: http://twitter.com/JeremyWest/status/16813876795
    +2 Follower on FB (Jeremy West)
    +2 Follower on Twitter (@JeremyWest)
    +2 Follower on Blogger (Jeremy West)

    Thanks for the contest! My email is jeremywest91@gmail.com

  62. My secret - I'm glad my 5 yo turned me onto the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. I usually don't get into sci-fi fantasy stuff, but I love that show! Totally addicted!

  63. Happy, Happy Release Day! Wish you the best with TMAS.
    +2-My secret is I'm 26 and I still love cartoons
    +6-following on Twitter, Facebook, & Blogger
    +2-Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Emma015/statuses/16815455331
    +6-TMAS profile pic for Twitter & Facebook

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  64. Happy Book Birthday!

    +2 Tweeted about the party: http://twitter.com/MamaBookWorm/status/16815177334
    +2 Twitter follower @mamabookworm
    +2 Blogger Follower

  65. My secret: I tell my kids our fish can only eat once a day because I like feeding them in the morning by myself. >_<

    I follow you on twitter, facebook and blogger because me thinks you rock! The teaser sample chapters of TELL ME A SECRET has my dying for this book!

    Total: 8

    Thanks for the opportunity! And Happy Book Birthday!

  66. Congrats, Holly! How's day one on the shelves feel?

    A secret: In high school, I hid something incriminating in my parents' attic. I'm now 39 years old and I still haven't found it. To the best of my knowledge, neither have my parents. It's like a ticking time bomb.

  67. Yay!!!! Happy Birthday! I'm joining the party! A secret? I've seen SHE'S ALL THAT at least 10 times.

    I already follow you on T, B, and F.

  68. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and joining the party! You all are so wonderful. It means the world to me to get to celebrate with you. xo

  69. What an amazing accomplishment! Happy Birthday! May there be many great years of growing with the book and may it have lots of siblings. Congrats!

  70. Happy day, book-bday girl! This is all so exciting.

    So now I have to come up with another secret...okay, tomorrow I will be wearing previously warn clothes to the gym (they were only a little sweated upon, not a whole lot...but they will be soaked tomorrow).

    I RT your party. :)
    I told you a secret on twitter (photo included).
    I happily follow you on fb, twitter, and the blog.
    One day I will have a pic holding TMAS, but not today. :(

  71. Jennifer, you're not alone on the Buffy thing!

    Joni, thank you for coming!

    Yan, I love your secret. Tell when you're ready!

    Jeremy, that's sweet.

    Cinde, ha! You crack me up!

    Jessy, there's lots of cartoon love here today!

    Christie, thanks! And thanks so much for sharing your pic for the party gallery!

    L.J., wow! I'm amazed you picked that up at Books of Wonder - how exciting (and yay, Peter!). I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!

    Amy, oh my goodness, that sounds like a novel! You must write about it.

    Molly, big huge hug to my dear writing friend. xo

  72. Hey, DM and Jolie - you both are so awesome to drop by! Siblings for TMAS are definitely in the works. ;)

    And Jolie! I'm shocked at your secret!

  73. What a party! Great food, music, and you always choose the right outfit for the occasion. :) HUGS to you, Holly. Wishing TMAS much success. Can't wait to read it.

  74. I just wanted to let you know that I love you party music picks!

  75. Thanks for stopping by and being such a sweet friend, Sherry! It means a lot for you to be here.

    LM, that's cool - are you a Splashdown/UHP/Symbion Project fan? We are huge huge huge fans around here!

  76. Happy Book Birthday!

    +2 follow on twitter @throuthehaze

    +2 like on FB-Rae Pavey

  77. Happy book birthday!! I can't believe I almost missed it, but this week's already running away from me. Anyway, what a very exciting day--hope you're enjoying your celebration!

    Oh. My secret. Hmm...I wasted a lot of time on Twitter today before I really got down to work writing articles...even though I listed my Gmail status as "busy." I guess that's not a very exciting or surprising secret, but there it is. :)

  78. Happy Birthday, TMAS! And, congratulations to you, Holly, my talented, beautiful, creative, passionate, sensitive, generous, wonderful wife.

    Love, >S<

    P.S. The little bun congratulates you too. :)

  79. Happy Birthday "Tell me a Secret". I can't wait to read the whole thing. Best of luck!

  80. Happy Book Birthday to you!

    +2 Here's my secret: I'm a closet romance novel reader.

    +2 Tweeted about the party: http://twitter.com/Jullysay/statuses/16830196795

    +2 Follow on Facebook (Jenn Ng)

    +2 Twitter Follower (@Jullysay)


  81. Great party Holly!

    I'm sorry I couldn't provide a photo!

  82. Darn! I so wish I could've participated on Tuesday! I literally just got back from my trip to Arizona (man, it was so hot), and it was all so hectic. Of course I left on Tuesday morning, so I completely forgot about this. *bashes head against keyboard*
    Ah, well, maybe next time? :)
    Love, Hannah
    P.s. Congrats, Holly! Your book is out!
    P.p.s. Also, I'm sorry I couldn't get the picture to you.