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Saturday, July 24, 2010

LIVE STREAM! Tell Me a Secret - Launch Party 24 July 2010

Thanks for joining the party!

We hope we can pull this off so you get to join us at this special event.

UPDATE: right about 46:00 is where the announcements and secrets and readings begin!

Wait 10-20 seconds for the stream to start.
If the stream isn't playing, refresh the web page
then hover over the video and press the play button.


  1. Smokin' hot dress, Holly! Thanks so much for letting me 'virutally' join your celebration!

  2. Way cool to watch! I got all choked up when the little one came up and hugged your leg. :) It's cool to finally hear how Shiraz talks too. Congrats!

  3. I'm watching you read an excerpt at your launch party.


    Happy party!


  4. You're signing copies now. Lots of camera flashes. :) I wish I could've been there. Seems like a lot of people turned up!

    Thanks for hooking it up live! :D

  5. HOLLY! What great news about the audiobook! I was just telling someone yesterday that The Secret Life of Bees is one of my favorite audiobooks because of the girl who reads it. So cool! You are amazing!

  6. WOW, it worked! Hooray! I'm so happy you all could join us! Now to sleep for three days... ;)

  7. Love your dress! The video made me feel like I was there. (What a good idea to stream the party!) Still wish I coulda been there to join you all. I'm proud of you, Holly.

  8. I'm so sorry we missed you, Realm! We're pretty jazzed the stream worked - we just turned on the phone and hoped for the best! And very cool you all could see the announcement.

    I messed something up when I updated with the announcement time stamp, so Shiraz is going to edit and repost just the announcement section. We did a sneak preview of the trailer, coming soon...!

  9. Dude! Such cool news! A LOVE the idea of the time release goodness. So rad! Love that I get to watch even though the kiddo with the fever will not allow me to hang in person.
    Many blessings to you guys, the fam and the book!!